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A nice game of boules in Marseille, except it’s played by giant monsters and the city’s in their way.

Alo ui cer Dieu (Hello yes this is God)

You’re a god. That’s good. But you also have to be productive! The Director of Godly Resources was very clear: you have to improve the ritual rate of…

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love - écran titre

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love is a dating sim visual novel with giant monsters coming straight out of Japanese kaiju eiga. Will you find love with a magical kaiju girl or…

How to God title screen

How to God

You’re God. There are humans. Make them do great things. But how?

Alien Cab - screenshot

Alien Cab

You’re an alien stuck in a yellow taxi in New York. Pick up customers, eat them and get out of there!

Blood Sugar Hex Magik - screenshot

Blood Sugar Hex Magik

BSHM is an audacious roguelike slash puzzle game: in the top half of the screen, a nameless child explores a mall invaded by cantankerous candies, while in the…