Japan’s digital cultures

MA seminar about Japan’s digital and game cultures at Leipzig University. Leipzig, automne 2017 – hiver 2018.


A nice game of boules in Marseille, except it’s played by giant monsters and the city’s in their way.

Alo ui cer Dieu (Hello yes this is God)

You’re a god. That’s good. But you also have to be productive! The Director of Godly Resources was very clear: you have to improve the ritual rate of…

Bande de maniaques ! Vous avez tout pété !

Dystopie ultime et Statue de la Liberté « Dis “stopie”… – Ta gueule ! » D’entre ses dents serrées s’échappait ce sifflement glaçant. Si elle laissait s’entrouvrir sa…

It wasn’t even acceptable in the Eighties: Hotline Miami and snuff films

Article published in the 4th issue of the Italian game studies journal G|A|M|E. Lille, summer 2014.

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love - écran titre

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love

Kawaii★Kaiju Love❤Love is a dating sim visual novel with giant monsters coming straight out of Japanese kaiju eiga. Will you find love with a magical kaiju girl or…

Wakanim Live

La chaîne YouTube de Wakanim.TV, animée en direct depuis le bureau et Japan Expo.

How to God title screen

How to God

You’re God. There are humans. Make them do great things. But how?

Alien Cab - screenshot

Alien Cab

You’re an alien stuck in a yellow taxi in New York. Pick up customers, eat them and get out of there!

RE: Horla

Jamais je n’ai connu connu pires nuits que celles-ci. Je n’ose plus fermer l’œil à quelque moment que ce soit, craignant l’habitant de l’invisible qui visite chacun de…